Mix media on canvas
40 X 50  CM.
This work represents for me, the perfect example of the subconscious mind at work. For the most part this piece remained hidden in a closet, almost discarded. Until one day I felt the urge to look for it and bring it back to my awareness. Unfinished for almost two years, within a couple of seconds I found the missing pieces and the puzzle was solved, but it was not just finished, but unexpectedly full of meaning and symbolism for me. Immediately the concept that came to my mind was WATER. For weeks I had been pondering about the meaning and symbolism of the complex, and deeply intriguing properties of water within the realm of true personal power and it’s most mystic property: “FLUIDITY”. It’s only by embracing this quality while navigating life paradoxes, events, illusions and disillusions that we manage to acquire all the information necessary for our evolution and the acquisition of real power, the power of the self.

It is only in that hidden space of the soul, free from the constraints imposed by the illusion of control that we can overcome the limitations of our conscious mind and better grasp the intricate web of messages contained in our reality.

Water exerts an uncanny power in my subconscious, and it is constantly appearing in my dreams as tsunamis, pools, oceans and fountains, so therefore
It manages to constantly sneak into my work, not in an obvious literal way, but
as a hidden code, a mood, a feeling that the spectator is almost always able to grasp.
Although never threatening, always mysterious, fascinating, full of riddles that tantalize me to evolve to be able to solve…

Water can be quiet and soothing, can be playful and life giving, all mighty and vengeful killer. Can change state and adopt any form, fill any space, be extremely patient and yet carve mountains.
It bends to the information around it and TRANSCENDS IT.

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